Modern Backyard Designs By Nookarchitecture

Instead of occupying a lot of floor space with regular, square outdoor furniture it would be much more practical to add large tables and decks instead of tiny suspended sections or booths. But that is for practical and pleasant moments. Some backyard designs are just too wonderful to waste. It would be a shame to spend a huge amount of money on a small table just because there are too many designs to choose from. nookarchitecture came up with this idea.

It is a combination of a small table, storage nook and the coffee nook next to it. The space on offer is considerable enough and the modern design saves floor space as well as floor space which is always a plus. The table is extremely simple. It has an elegant wooden construction with a black finish and a matching top that matches the chair. The small glass table top makes it ideal for serving breakfast in the morning on the terrace. It’s equipped with mini shelves that double as planters or storage containers.

The small kitchen and the dining nook are visually abundant and this was a limited project. The designer really wanted to squeeze in more space than he could actually have. That led to the choice of an L-shaped counter, basically a long block of concrete where you could place the bar, the dining table and all the other furniture pieces. The concrete counter was accessorized with a counter made of transparent glass in the floor, a typical white space for such as the living room. The nightstands match the counter and add a nice and distinguished touch to the space, not taking over the décor visually but rather contributing something original while being useful.

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