Purple Leather Sectional Sofa

This lovely furniture piece was designed by Paulina Pelzen in 2012. It has a very simple design and it’s one of the first things that comes in the market. It’s made of pure white leather and it has a minimalist design. The sofa features a very nice tufted design, very comfortable, yet elegant. It also has a very versatile look. Even though it’s very simple and plain, the colors are always a nice touch.

The sofa has a classical design and it’s a combination of neutrals and subtle color tones. It’s probably the simplicity that makes this sofa so comfortable and versatile. The sofa is crafted in Italy and created by one of the leading young designers in this field. The sofa comes in a combination of white and black and has a minimalist and quite simple design. Moreover, the tufted upholstery gives it a vintage look that’s characteristic to this style.

The sofa has a beautiful design and a very beautiful feel. The exposed legs and the cozy look make this piece versatile and inviting. It would look wonderful in a home, on a covered terrace or in the living room, as long as it’s protected from the elements.

The sofa also features a wooden footboard complemented by a similar piece to the one presented above. The effect is clean, casual and elegant. The effect is opulent and not necessarily dramatic. The sofa is available in both fabric and leather. The base of the sofa is made from wood and it comes from a sustainable, zero-lot of materials. It doesn’t require any maintenance. Just clean the area regularly and the cushioning as there’s no leach involved. Moreover, the unit is adjustable. The base of the sofa is made from wood and it has chrome-plated support.

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