Jacuzzi Tub Shower Combination From Stains & Pads

The Jacuzzi tub shower by Stains & Pads is definitely one of the most interesting and fun bathroom fixtures we’ve come across. It’s a shower with a stylish and eye-catching design. It can be installed in the corner of the bathroom, in the shower or even installed in the bathroom and it would look really great above the toilet. It comes with a variety of models and designs that would a really great addition to any bathroom. The Jacuzzi is a stylish and artistic piece and it’s also versatile so it can easily be integrated in all types of spaces.

The Jacuzzi is a two-piece set. It includes a user-side shower with 4 panel glass doors, a collapsible model in case the enclosure is not needed and it can accommodate multiple bathmen. The shower enclosure is black and has a mirror finish. It’s compatible with halogen lights and the shower pan is made of stainless steel. You can choose between a variety of different shower heads.

Jacuzzi Tub Shower Combination From Stains & Pads Photo 2

The shower cabinet has a large handle that can be adjusted to the right angle and also the angle of the sun. It has 3 pre-drilled holes and a rotating head with an adjustable height. This is just one of the many attractive elements of this stylish combo. The overall dimensions of the Jacuzzi tub shower cabinet are 42w 55d 65h

The multi-layered Jacuzzi also comes with a towel warmer. This shelf/dryer is meant to ideal in small spaces where every inch matters. It can accommodate multiple body spray and its overall dimensions are 59w x 24.6d x 33h. The piece is available in other sizes such as 29-head, 32-valve, 34-head, 48-spoke. It’s suitable for both small and larger bathrooms.

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