Living Room Pool House In The Heart Of Leiden, Belgium

The Living Room pool house is a 10 meter by 10 meter structure located in Leiden, Netherlands. It’s situated in between two buildings that were built during the 1970s and that both belonged to the same family. The pool house was designed by 123DV. The building was constructed between two houses that were bought between the 1970s and the late 1980s. The owners requested a discreet structure and a structure that would create the pool house’s quiet surroundings.The result was the Seamless collection, a place where anyone can feel like a part of nature. The project was completed in 2012.

The minimalist design that we’ve presented in the pictures features clean lines and similar materials and textures. The result was a contrasting structure that invokes quiet privacy. The owners are afforded beauty through simplicity and contrast. The pool house was built using durable materials complemented by modern elements, including a concrete wall construction that raises it off the ground and what was basically a concrete box with one of its faces supported by five frozen steel columns.

The façade of the building is continuous, the intention being to create continuous surfaces that would define a simple line, such as in this case. The construction of the pool house was completed in 2013. It features clean, clear lines complemented by barely noticeable details. It’s a very refreshing and beautiful look. Two large poles appear at the top and rest of the way they resemble the floating floor.

The vertical floor also includes a suspended steel pool-tub with a waterfall feature at the center. The suspended platform gives the pool an interesting and futuristic look. The wooden floors create a nice balance and add a warm touch to the décor. The materials and the textures are beautifully balanced throughout this project. The concrete walls lend the pool a casual and peaceful feel while the green fences and green plants add warmth and welcome.

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