Corrugated Wood Beams By Andrew Maynard Architects

Andrew Maynard Architects have designed an unexpected building in the middle of a sheep and marsh area, Australia. In order to create an alternative energy source in the middle of the city, and somehow also to heat the house from winter this way, a more futuristic and elegant design was chosen. The “brics” are actually repeated in a welcome furry bag which we have not seen anywhere else for a while. The framework is made of wood and has a weathered look. The beams are have a flat, regular form, like the beams where the various beams meet.

The uniqueness of this building is given by the fact that it serves two purposes at the same time. And it serves two functions at the same time: it serves as a building and it serves the owners’ wish for a blending of styles, and functions. But it serves two persons at the same time so it’s a two-in-one. It’s a building packed with personality.

Corrugated Wood Beams By Andrew Maynard Architects Photo 2

I really like this structure. It’s a very modern construction, with a simple but not at all standard shape, a modern and abstract one. It’s also the combination of functionality and form creating something unusual and special. So despite its old form, it’s actually fit for a client. And it’s a sort of hybrid between old and new, on the earth.

The modern and abstract form is a sort of compromise, this being intended to preserve the harmony seen in the old buildings. The new structure is a modern adaptation of the old, original one and of the traditional terraced houses. The contrast is quite strong. The old building and the old reflect each in its own way.{images by Patrick Reynolds}.

Corrugated Wood Beams By Andrew Maynard Architects Photo 4

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