Kitchen Seating System By Antonio Citterio

Situated in a cafe factory in Asia, this is one of the unique aspects of this unique furniture collection created by Antonio Citterio. The “Kanuhaus” is a stainless steel furniture series that consists of stools, chairs, tables and lounges.The interesting thing about this furniture series is that it gathers various interesting elements with different silhouettes. For example, the stools that stools have a slightly curved back, the chairs have high back and the outdoor furniture has a curved and covered frame.

This collection is very special because so many of us enjoy designing shapes that almost swamp the space, reminding us of the natural shapes of certain plants. The materials used are simple and modern and so are some of the details, the seat material is aluminum, the bases are solid aluminum, a fiber arm brushed on brass, and covered with stresshell, the filling is either marble or marble topping. The whole furniture series combines modernism with tradition.

Kitchen Seating System By Antonio Citterio Photo 4

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