All Glass House By MOS Architects

This minimalist glass house is located on the of the quiet city of Tainan, Cantabria, Vietnam. This project was designed by MOS Architects that is specialized in the design of meditative structures by MOS Architects, to create a better synergy between meditative and non-particles. The most important aspect of this particular project is the location of the house. It is surrounded by a forest of dense vegetation and the surrounding landscape, as well as large rocks that covered this site very well. The house has various gaps, a little garden that camouflages a resident body and, also, a sneep under the home’s roof for those who are here just to relax and enjoy the nature.

The building’s ground floor is an open space which has a mental connection with the central courtyard, a very important feature for the area. On the first floor are the living room and a patio with a large windows section. The house also has a basement, where a couple of floors of each foot level were built. Every floor has a skylight, a good source of natural light and natural ventilation, while the upper floors receive artificial light through skylights through a system of perforated glass tunnels.

All Glass House By MOS Architects Photo 2

The living area has a very appealing color palette with dusty pink walls and concrete beams, inspired by the surrounding forest. Large windows on the south side allow natural light to get in. In the east, we have floors with wood beams to further emphasize the coexistence of structures and vegetation. Thanks to the extensive use of glass, on the ground floor terrace, we can step out on to the rooftop, in the back of the garden, and turn the sky into a breathtaking visual.

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