Keep Good Company On The Beach With These Cool Beach Amenities

Beach houses, whether they actually are or not, require a special décor when you come in contact with the outdoors. This means you need to include a variety of outdoor-oriented features and accessories. This doesn’t mean that your house has to lack comfort. Make sure it has plenty of ventilation. This way you can relax in the sunny days and still have fun laying around in the backyard and admiring the views.

The beautiful thing about a beach house is that it’s placed somewhere private and, an example how you can adapt this concept to other locations. This, for example, is a private backyard relaxation villa from Paz García who designed it in 2012 in Malibu. location with a great view and a design that allows it to be comfortable and to offer everything a villa should offer.

Keep Good Company On The Beach With These Cool Beach Amenities Photo 2

The villa is located in a private bay that overlooks the Pacific Ocean. In order to take advantage of this location, an important element has to be the outdoor spaces. The main living area is a large area directly connected to the deck. It features a beautiful outdoor dining area and a pool. The villa has an infinity edge pool and a beautiful lounge area around it which is connected to the front terrace. In addition to these zones, the villa also has a fully equipped relaxation and recreation area, a training lounge, a guest room and a gym.

The ground floor features a Swiss granite master bedroom suite with two tables complemented by matching lounge chairs. The package you get includes 6 suites with the same dimensions but with different designs and decors. They can be rented for events and movie nights. The DVDs are made from darkened paper stacks and remote players. Adnex in the back of the main building and the entrance to the villa have a sink with a built-in toilet, sliding doors and automatic glass doors. The whole interior can be customized and remodeled.

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