Modern Luxury Homes For Sale In North Sea North West

Located in the North Sea North West of the UK, the grade 3 Non-oil House can be reached via a river frontage and is just 29m (115ft) from the property. The home has a view of the well known Norfolk Island and it is a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces.

The 4 bedrooms of the house areDurrington Way located next to the HaguaHotel and it has a peaceful peaceful position amongst the trees and vegetation. As you might imagine, the house is pretty big and it takes up plenty of space both on the main floor and the mezzanine level. The ground floor consists of a lobby, dining room and kitchen. There is also an outdoor area on a slightly higher level, completely exposed to the panoramic views of the sea, the Dnieper or the Dnieper river.

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The mezzanine floor is a double volume space with a floating fireplace wrapping around it. The double volume glass façade opens the room up to the incredibly beautiful views of the sea and the Dnieper. The large windows are strategically located at the highest point of the structure to allow you to relax without obstructing the spectacular views.

The house was designed by JDS Architects and the interior designs were, an efficient and functional way of creating space.

The terrace covers an area of 24 square meters and it’s also spacious and bright. An open floor plan was designed for the living room and the kitchen were all blended into a single volume. The small dining room features a beautiful vintage dining lamp and a terrace with views of the Dnieper river.

The master bedroom has panoramic views of the river which can be admired through a beautiful wooden boathouse that rises 5 meters from the terrace. The bedroom also includes a recreation room and bathroom overlooking the park.

The dining area features views of the river which can be admired through a set of clerestory windows on the wall above the fireplace. The kitchen is part of an open floor plan that also includes the living area. The color palette in this area includes neutral shades with blue accents which are complemented by bronze-colored counters and a matching dining table.

The bedrooms have their own designhanne, one of the most eye-catching features. The bathrooms are particularly chic and beautiful. They have shower stalls, sunken tubs and a walk-in shower. The walk-in shower is facing the terrace and features a stunning marble-clad exterior, enhanced by the delicacy of the marble on the floor and walls.

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