Sicis Mosaic Tiles By Pinch

Blaha Sheppard has sent us some amazing mosaics made by Pinch. I love the intricate and sketchy pattern of the tiles in this room. The company focuses on creating high quality, high end works of art, mostly at The New York Design Festival. Indeed it is very interesting what they do.. I like their sense and steady stand out from the crowd.

These fantastic mosaic tiles have a very modern flare and a very nice texture. They are made up of small mosaic pieces. It is a pattern that repeats very well on the wall. The texture of these small tiles is amazing, bordering on boring. It is the perfect balance between the pattern and the simplicity and clean, straight lines. These small tiles can be used for a lot of things. It is perfectly safe to use and design these tiles with any choice you like. Do, however, want to know something about the method of making these tiles?

I think these tiles would be great to use in public places, where people would want to take a bath with their guests. Their small size is normal, but they look great, underneath the thick decorative pattern is one could say the pattern repeats. The texture of the tiles, together with the way they are made, give them that modern look of real art, you can find it in the V Collection.

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