Modern Bedside Tables

In a living room or a bedroom, the headboard, dresser or other pieces of furniture should be comfortable and should have an safe place for them, because they should not be broken or exposed to accidents. In this case the bedside table is the most important piece. To feel comfortable you should consider also your bedside lamp. You can use lamps like Melcutt by Moud Aimele around the bed or other soft and beautiful accessories like the Dot nightstands.

Another good recommendation to look for when it comes to purchasing nightstands for the bedroom is to find nightstand designs that are inspired by vintage furniture. For example, the Simone nightstands designed by Massino Rosa are beautiful and delicate, despite their plain design. They would look beautiful in a living room that has an industrial décor and an inviting atmosphere.

The Bloss neon nightstands are also very interesting. They come from the Spitzkorn collection that includes this bed with a bolster glass top available in two sizes. The top is made of ultra white MDF and is available in “anthology” color, in black or white, and in several other options as well. The activity mirror is also an unmistakable piece of art.The styling is very simple as well. The nightstands, nightstands, nightstands, bedside table and ottoman are all named after Mies Vanderwolff who designed them with a modern and minimalist look. They definitely remind me of my own childhood and the fun they inspired.{found on trendir}

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