Barn House Design In An Old Quarry

This is the Axis House and it’s a very beautiful and very interesting house. It was designed by neostudio architects and it’s located in Poligner, Switzerland. The location is very beautiful. The panoramic views are absolutely spectacular and they can also be relaxing and pleasant. It’s a very calm and tranquil house. As you enter, there a small hallway with a large reception area.

The apartment includes a large double-height hallway on one side and a spacious living space on the other. The apartment is very bright and filled with natural light. The so called fireplace is the focal point in the apartment and it’s actually a strong architectural element. It’s a huge white structure with ply constructions that make it feel inviting and cozy. The master bedroom is also located on the top floor and it has views of the entire surrounding area. The rest of the apartment is also lovely.

The building is situated close to the Suffolk coast and it’s a popular holiday retreat for family and friends. The apartment itself is very beautiful and impresses with its simple and clean lines, delicate colors and lovely layout. The four Seasons Marquetry Hotel is open to residential guests only and ready to make a unique visit. The style chosen for the interior is traditional.

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