Porcelain Floors That Look Like Wood

A while ago we presented an apartment with a pitched roof and rustic furniture that could not have been created using genuine wood. Now it has become a subject of dispute. Can Kaleido obtain a slice of Platinum Green wood for design and to complement Lima cabinets? Or do the wood framing tie into what the house lacks in color?

The answer is affirmative. That is why we decided to bring out the creative qualities of this material. And we managed to create what any experienced designer could hope for: an artistic look with the warmth and character that only a Scandinavian home can offer. Of course, from a structural point of view this house is a bit more difficult to construct. That is because of the many vertical layers used as flooring.

As concerning the rest of the structure, the house is scattered a lot of concrete, glass, steel and plastic. The result is either a minimalist or industrial look. There are two options: The first one includes exposed concrete walls or exposed wooden ceiling beams, since this would be harsh to the touch and very industrial for a house inspired by its creators. The second option includes wood like floor and includes large sliding doors and big windows meant to create a strong indoor-outdoor connection. The result? A house with character and a modern design.

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