Bookcase Cubes That Frame A Glass Bookcase In The Living Room

In order to obtain a balanced and uniform décor, all the elements you include in the room have to be in the same tone. To create a cohesive look you can add colorful decorations as well as artwork.

A simple and quite impressive bookcase wall separates a living room from a lounge area. The walls are covered with large open shelves. The wall also incorporates two large pivoting rods that contain the storage units. As you can see, the two elements can be placed in many different ways. One option is to create a vertical bookcase wall with the help of open units in combination with other elements such as sofas or chairs.

Bookcase Cubes That Frame A Glass Bookcase In The Living Room Photo 2

Another idea is to strategically place items on display. For example, the tall shelves can hold some items while the low ones can ensure a more minimalist look. There are lots of items that can be arranged on the shelves. To create a more curated look adopt choosing a matching type of wall unit. On the other hand, if it’s just you and your books, it might be nice to add a similar system to the bookcases. It’s practical and functional and it allows you to also add some style to the room.

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