Toronto Stairs Transformed Into A Gallery

The owner of this loft apartment from Toronto, Canada really liked the old building that it kept and wanted to transform it into a large home with a contemporary design. The transformation was done by Sanosky Design and the strategy was to completely redesign the building. In order to achieve that, the designers had to get rid of the old partitions. Still, they kept some of the original elements. The renovation focused on exposing the apartment to sunlight so the floor plan was redesigned including a new atrium-like area.

Every room had to be restructured. As a result, the apartment needed to get better and to look and feel harmonious. So they gave the kitchen plenty of storage. The fact that some of the walls were redesigned such as the kitchen island for example, solved the storage problem and even gave the kitchen a modern and clean look.

The living room became a multipurpose room and you might wonder how exactly you can do that. Well, it’s all possible and with the help of the above tips you’ll understand the idea. As it turns out, the next step was also a very clever decision.

The partitions were removed and the unit became a large open space. The living room is longer and more spacious. To make it seem more airy and open, white was the main color used for the renovation. The wooden floors were replaced with hardwood and this creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. The apartment also got new electrical installations.{found on designsponge}.

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