Vessel Sink Ideas, A Beautiful And Practical Sink And Overflow

The vanity in the bathroom must be simple, practical and efficient. It fulfills a double function, especially in this particular area of the house. High traffic areas are not a problem in this room. It comes in the center where the sink is the star attraction. So, the tricky part is to come up with a practical way to existent this area, practical and efficient given its dimensions. Here are some inspirational ideas for a bathroom vanity design that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it also practical.

This design, for example, is a convertible sink that also serves as the main structure for a bathroom cabinet. It’s made of poplar long since the machines where used only to provide the highest quality plumbing services, and it’s big enough to allow a stool or bathtub sitting around. The cabinet features two drawers where you can put your accessories, bathroom necessities, or simply to provide storage. The overall design is a little sophisticated with modern elements, but it’s subtle and somewhat chic.

Also, notice that the hardware is unexpected, and that the color used is a combination of bright and quite bright tone. Notice that the sink has classic lines, and the moment you touch it, the sink looks good enough to be kept in neutral tones. And, when you think about it, there are also cabinets with doors that can hide the faucet and all sorts of other inner workings. Just take a closer look.

Vessel Sink Ideas, A Beautiful And Practical Sink And Overflow Photo 3

In other words, the bathroom vanity could be your must-try for the next few months, and you’d be sure that your guests will appreciate it. Otherwise, the risk is to just get something that doesn’t suit your real needs, or well, whatever room you live in.

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