Best Mansion In The Hills For Sale

This beautiful estate is located near Whistler village, in Canada. It’s a very beautiful mansion that sits on a 260 acre property. The residence is currently on the market at the price of $5,299,900. It’s not one of the most spacious homes there and it’s definitely not the type of home you want to sleep in. It’s actually perfect for a large family.

This mid-century modern house is located on a wooded area in Whistler Village, a suburb of Whistler, in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a Grade II listed house and it’s sitting in an open area. The residence itself covers an area of 11,00 square feet. The property is currently on the market at the price of $5,MON 847,500.

The house was built in 1985 and it has been updated and renovated. It features a contemporary design and a chic interior décor. It has been connected to the main house. The interior is divided into two levels. On the first level there’s a gallery while the second level houses the living areas and the bedrooms. On the other hand, the house is connected to the main house through a series of roof terraces. There’s also a second garden, a great feature that could potentially be used as a quiet and relaxing space.

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The house also has a beautiful verandah and it also includes a courtyard. In addition, there’s also a detached gym and an outdoor shower cabin. The verandah is actually a very nice space to enjoy the beautiful views while sitting and relax. The verandah is not actually a verandah itself but it has a brick wall that made it look more appealing and a nice visual effect.

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