Storey House Near Amsterdam By Marc Koehler Architects

This colorful summer house is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. It was designed and built by Dutch designer Marc Koehler Architects. The house was completed in 2011 and it’s situated in a neighborhood near the popular Amsterdam thoroughfare Milay de la Torre. The house has four functions and a total surface of 149 m2. It was designed as a multifunctional space for both long-term use as a guest house and a small occasional work area.The client requested a space that showcases a mix of industrial and vintage elements. They also requested that it would reflect his character and that would fit with the owner’s exterior and interior décor.

The architect designed the house with industrial elements that have been balanced out throughout. It’s actually a double-faced elevation. The interior and exterior spaces are visually connected and the distinction between these two zones is very blurred. The house has a partially enclosed entrance which creates a feeling of privacy but also creates cross ventilation for both the interior and exterior spaces.

The interior and exterior spaces are defined by strong and cold colors. The wooden floors create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere. The house was designed with extended systems of horizontal sliding doors. They can be repositioned and repositioned to either open or closed, allowing the user to control the amount of privacy each room has. The ground floor has these huge sliding glass doors that basically open the whole space. They also allow the user to create a semi-detached volume for the social activities.

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