Glass Houses Architecture By Iñaki Gajbaró Of Jardim Almeida

This collection of very chic and tasteful houses was designed by Iñaki Gajbaró of Jardim Almeida. The dwelling in residential project No. 88 is a four storey contemporary residence that beautifully complements the surrounding rural landscape. By expanding upon the vertical sliding doors and hollow spaces that link the home to the terrace, it is possible to expand the living areas outdoors.

I have to confess that I would have to pay quite a lot of money for this; I would probably need an additional five hundred dollars to buy this place. But once inside the house one sees the elegant interior plan that is not only spacious but yet free of clutter. Bare natural light, beautifully lit spaces and sleek furnishings create a stark contrast in the modern finish of things.

Designs have been carefully considered to create luxe living where personal and special touch is not glossiness or glittering kites but clear geometric planes, like the ones we can find all over this structure. Gorgeous modern yet natural combinations have been kept for enhancing other ‘delights’. It’s all about getting the most out of this tiny space!

Glass Houses Architecture By Iñaki Gajbaró Of Jardim Almeida Photo 4

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