Living Room Table Decor Ideas And Inspiration Ideas

The living room is an open space that usually includes the living room, dining room, kitchen, the bedroom and, of course, the office or even the bathroom. It’s where you receive your guests, your kids and mother and so there’s usually a sofa along with a comfortable sofa, a coffee table and a few chairs to be sleep-over guests. The sofa usually has storage spaces underneath or around its cover and since this is also a large area it requires more floor space. However, if the sofa or the bed have a generous tabletop then there’s plenty of room to put a book, a magazine, etc.

The living room table setup can be changed and extensions are always included in the new design. But if the table has a minimalist design then it would be great to keep the simplicity of the décor intact. For example, a modern approach would add on some extra storage.

Another possibility is to add a table that integrates a fireplace in the décor. To make it more eye-catching, painting the table black can feature a similar color. But make it have a simpler look and use a warm color such as bright peach. You can also use a bold shade of pink that would contrast with the sofa in the room.

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And since we mentioned the sofa, there’s also another option. You could create a simple lounge area in the living room without a coffee table. It will be a little more intimate than a dining table and it will be a nice place for family dinners and other occasions. As for the décor, you can create bold and vibrant stripes or other patterns and create a more formal look by using a contrastive color.

A few little touches can completely change the look of a room. For example, if you decided to opt for a bold area rug, then you should use colors in their natural color like this blue pictured. The living room would be treated as a focal point and the sofa will feature a matching piece of furniture with a similar color and similar pattern but an opposite color pallete.

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