Beach Home Designs By PAD Studio

This beach-chic, beach-inspired house is by far what most people dream of. It’s not overly small but not too cramped either. It’s yet an inviting space and it’s all thanks to the subtle details that not only makes it look great but also create a very pleasant and comfortable ambiance. The list of pleasant features include natural light, the fresh smell on the water, the laid-back look overall, the beautiful colors showcased throughout and the fact that this house has a private beach-like pavilion. All these contribute to a very pleasant and welcoming ambiance.

The design is sophisticated throughout and, despite being based mostly on simple designs, impresses with custom and elegance. The residence is defined by a strong masculine feel. This is mainly due to the nature of the building and the luxurious and sophisticated interior design.

The huge windows and the high ceilings which allow plenty of light inside are one of the key elements that make this beautiful house so great. The huge windows open onto three terraces and the areas can be found directly from there. These areas offer panoramic views of the surroundings, whether they are the social spaces, the private areas or a fully-equipped outdoor space.

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The interior décor is fresh and simple throughout but in each room there’s a particular feature which contributes to a harmonious and pleasant ambiance, in particular the lighting. The living room features a beautiful fireplace which, in combination with the recessed ceiling lights integrates perfectly into the décor.

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The dining area is excellent for entertaining. A long wooden table surrounded by floor-to-ceiling glass windows connects the two spaces and brings them together and creates a very cozy and pleasant ambiance. An elegant design and a magnificent chandelier highlight the beauty of the views.

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