Plumbob Architecturphy’s Dream House On The Southern Slope Of The Lake Elyside

This house is located on a private slope that wouldn’t have been included in the average design of its owners, yet it stands out and leads to the topography of the site and especially its view.

Designed by architect Luis Arturo Alvarez, this house features a monumental wooden volume from which the rest of the construction is placed. The incredible level of privacy for each part of the house was achieved through a strategic design. The recessed steel trusses are transitions in the massive structure, which also prevents the house from feeling closed off and more like an outdoor space than any other building in the area.

The steep site chosen for the construction had its own design problems, the name of the house being incompatible with its location. The steepness of the site, plus other challenges, represented problems in design and control. The house opened up towards the landscape as a plumbered concrete volume, supported by a timber structure that helped support the “lived-in” lifestyle that the client preferred.

The exterior of the house is dark and elegant, the interior is smooth and luxurious and perfectly suited to the location. The living room, dining room, kitchen and terrace overlook the swimming pool and the view. A long and elegant hallway connects the terrace, master bedroom, study and master bathroom. The exterior shape of the house is reminiscent of a rural house and the unevenness of the terrain inspired the design. The transformation was conceived as a large square floor plan surrounded by glazed sections and glazed openings. The pieces complement each other, creating spaces that undulate and follow the shape of the terrain.

The interior of the house is also very beautiful and manicured. The interior design is simplistic and modern, with decorative sculptures overlooking the sunken courtyard and beautiful wooden floors that create a warm and cozy atmosphere. The bedrooms and similar spaces are furnished with the most exquisite pieces and follow a color pallete adorned with lavish and glamorous fabrics and cushions.

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