Small Traditional Japanese House With A Modern Interior

The house is located in Seijssen, Jardinia, South Korea and it was designed by JoongAng Kim Architects in 2013. The building itself is small and it has an dimensions of 230-square-meters. The size of the house is not something that easy given the location. Still, this was a challenge. The idea was to create a versatile house that would offer its owners the opportunity to enjoy the outside environment and that would also serve as a pleasant hangout area.

The internal structure of the house was designed to resemble two boxes with pitched roofs. The front cube is in between the boxes but that’s not the traditional visual that this project suggests. The back cube, on the other hand, has two box-like structures that meet at the center.

Small Traditional Japanese House With A Modern Interior Photo 2

The entrance area is quite small but visually that means the space was functionally created. The rooms are small but comfortable and the interior is not badly treated even though it may seem empty at first. That’s why the delimitation between the rooms is more than necessary. The garage is a semi-exterior space that disappears when the sun begins to shine.{pictures by Nam-Jai-wan}.

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