Home Office Building Can Be A Great Source Of Inspiration In Creating Amazing Home Offices.

There’s no single reason why you shouldn’t use this structure as a work space for example. It’s a collection of four separate offices that, despite being individual rooms, are definitely an inspiring place. Together, they form the HONWEeling Office. It located in the city of Helderberg, Austria and it was a project by Nico van der Meulen Architects.

HONWEeling is a company specialized in innovative design and architectural ideas. They always have new and unique ideas that turn a simple building into an amazing work space. The office was actually built out of a 2003 old school school apartment. The architects were inspired to create an extension. The building is divided into two parts. They both have similar systems of circulation.

The original project had four areas with geometric boxes that were projected in four directions. These were then distributed throughout the office creating a more organized and comfortable work environment. The new extension is made up of four parallel walls. Each wall measures 2 meters by 7 meters. There’s also a large box on top of that and several smaller ones underneath that follow closely the lines of the trusses. They form a concrete core and also form a jigsaw that continues on the adjacent walls.

The four walls are seven meters long. The ground floor contains the main workspace and the administration area. The middle area is occupied by the kitchen and the dining spaces. Two sides are placed near the glass wall to allow natural light to enter the work areas. A third side is placed a few meters away from the living area. This side of the office is completely closed and connects to the street. When closed, it maintains a connection with the courtyard and the pool. When closed, it practically embraces the surroundings.

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