Formal Sofas By Patricia Urquiola

Colors are very often considered to be mediators between the interior and exterior of the room. But it’s not always the case. Some interior spaces prefer to have a sort of cohesive and uniform décor throughout the spaces. It’s why convertible sofas are very popular as well as any type of seating furniture.

When you think about it, a sofa or a daybed are basically the same thing as a bed when used as space dividers. But convertible sofas allow you to make a very nice first impression and also to make a statement about the room. Make sure the dimensions or the design of the sofa or daybed be just right so nobody will guess it was designed this way. The details and the fabrics are as important for the success of the piece of furniture, there are also other elements you might want to include besides the sofa that could very well be used as a divider.

Besides the sofa, there are also pieces like bunks, sofas, benches and dining chairs. Just because they’re sitting upright doesn’t mean they have to be uncomfortable or they don’t necessarily fit our contemporary everyday requirements. Just because they’re not sitting at their desk wouldn’t necessarily mean you should avoid these pieces. We’re not talking about the type that these pieces are made of, we’re talking about the form and materials suitable for this particular type of spaces.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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