Vintage Shower Fixtures From Meeusen

MEEUSen has presented over 50 years of design details and fittings. It’s a Japanese-style furniture house with a long tradition in the style of the Japanese shoji craft. The various items that are part of this style can be admired in the online store on Bluarch. All the articles in this article are from Meeusen.

These vintage shower fixtures are really interesting. They suit traditional showers and styles but they also look modern. The whole shower ensemble is very beautiful and stylish. It’s the vintage details that make this piece stand out and that are hard to find. It’s a very good pair. The effect is very beautiful. It’s modern and very stylish. It’s such a beautiful combination.

It’s so simple and yet so complex. The whole shower features very beautiful water fixtures that are placed at multiple levels. The spout and the air sprays start from above and complete the whole. Of course, the finish effect is much more impressive from the first place. The water sprayer is made from solid bamboo and finished by hand. It has graceful curves and a beautiful trim.

Vintage Shower Fixtures From Meeusen Photo 3

The overall dimensions of this piece are 12? wide x 4? deep x 6? high. It features hand painting and it’s made inChina. It would make a very beautiful addition to Japanese bathrooms. However, it would also look beautiful in the living room, bedroom or office. It’s simple, modern and beautiful. It would look great in any décor. It would also make a very beautiful gift.Available for 1.15$.

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