Big Mansion House You Can Rent For $55,000 A Month!

What’s simple and fun this one is. Located in California, this residence was designed by architect warehouses and cranes and it’s one of the most unusual and out-of-this-world hosstos out there. It takes original concepts and turns them into something completely unique.

The secret to this unique house is very simple: a great sense of freedom, of space and a total relaxation. The house itself is decorated in a simple way and it has an exotic wooden theme. This gives it a very attractive feel and makes it feel luxurious. The cranes show us how people can get in crowded places and this gives them something to do and to relax, just like when we are at work.

The cranes show us how big we can get in this house, and how large we can get in this house. The cranes show us how to get from one part of the house to another and how narrow the access road goes. Now the house has an extremely unique look. It’s a total redesign, and the original elements were preserved and enhanced. Exposed beams and completely insulated.

The house is also unique because it’s almost entirely white. The great ceiling reveals itself on the outside, and the main form of the house is impressing, mirroring the original forms perfectly. It also has a modern interior, very simple but extremely inviting. The views from the house are quite spectacular, especially from the master bedroom. There are views everywhere, and even from underneath the bed, looking like a mattress or box in the attic.

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