35 Square Meters To Feet Residence In The California Desert

This lovely home is located in the California desert, more specifically in San Isidro, an area in the Los Angeles County of California where the cosmopolitan factor of city and town is very well represented. The mid-sized town responds highly to our client’s needs and wants; it is built with the comfort and style of a big city, with the elegance and style of distinguished homes built in the mid-century modern style.The house suits his personality best: it is big, bright, luxurious and filled with charming features that turn a happy house into a paradise.

The mid-century modern houses built by the architecture firm Seinfeld Arquitectos are the ideal space for a family to live for a number of reasons. Besides the aspect to which the structures prove to have a lot of personality, these building facades also have another functional aspect: they give lightness to the natural landscape, breaking the shadowing effects of the concrete pavements.

The residence is characterized by a hip, elegant and simplistic architecture. The structure is built on a double foundation, with ground-level and half-ground floors. In addition, the house is supplemented by a perpendicular wing structure which has three height-adjustable floor-mountrals. The indoor-outdoor boundaries extend from the west-facing roof to the covered entrance entrance and link the northwest corner of the house, shaping a dramatic opening over the transparent entrance. The remaining rooms and internal walls are designed as concealed doors, allowing them to form part of the facade and interior space.

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