Mexican House Designs And Amazing Architecture

The M Familia House is one of the unique houses designed by Ex.t from Sydney, Australia. This amazing project was the dream of John Wardle Architects when they were building this house for their client, who wanted privacy and a more peaceful place to do all that. The structure they designed is actually hidden in plain sight in the mountainside, so you can’t even tell if it’s really there or just a dreaming or a real-time home. The house is on a small wood lot, surrounded by pine trees that create a relaxing and beautiful spot in which to spend the beautiful summer days in this incredible house.

The design and structure are extremely beautiful and creative, creating a very pleasant and inviting atmosphere in which to live. The interior is colorful, comfortable, and modern, with beautiful oak floors and decorative pillows, giving us a sense of calmness and relaxation. The furniture is modern and practical, in contrast with the traditional elements. That’s why there aren’t a lot of details inside the house, except for the basics like the sleeping area and bathroom. Overall, it’s a very inviting place, with a simple but beautiful design and a combination between comfort and simplicity.{pics by Brett Boardman}.

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