Cabinet Designs For Kitchen

The kitchen is a space that needs to feel welcoming and warm, so it’s very important to provide as much interaction and storage space as possible, without too many decorations. That means that the furniture needs to be as functional or as small as possible, without too many details. In the case of a kitchen, we could be really happy with an expandable element such as this suspended island. It can easily change color and it doesn’t take up a lot of space, being able to share the kitchen with other spaces and have all the necessary elements.

The cabinet is a solid piece with four doors and two shelves. It can easily expand thanks to the integrated seat. The adjustable-height piece allows the extra space to be filled with drawers and different types of storage. The adjustable-height allows the space to remain open and airy. The drawers can be completely folded, thus allowing the user to always find the perfect place for food or other ingredients. It’s a very functional piece with a simple design and with a lacquered finish. The cabinet comes is aSold separately and there are some additional options to complete this model. You can also purchase them on Amazon for a special price of $39.97.

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