Lake View House With Integrated Terrace Outside

Located in the small city of Austin, Texas, this beautiful residence is surrounded by beautiful trees and beautiful landscapes. The house sits on a gently sloped site, in a neighborhood very beautiful to look at. The owners worked with Studio 5th Avenue, the architectural firm that had to design the project and which worked with The Rural Design Group located in the suburb that was completed in 2011.

It was a challenging project because of the beautiful landscape but also because the owners wanted to preserve the surrounding hills. As a result, the architects focused on respecting the natural elements and the vegetation. Everything was carefully build around these elements in order to allow the house to harmoniously integrate with the landscape.

The house still stands its lovely exterior by the contrary side of the house, allowing its interior to admire the expansive landscape. As far as the color palette is concerned, the interior is very bright and airy. White was maybe the only color used for a few walls, floors and ceilings while the walls and some of the furniture are complemented by concrete and wood surfaces. A nice balance was created around the array of materials, colors and finishes.

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