Italian Bathroom Tiles By Giuseppe Viganó Martínez

The bathroom is a space that we all concentrate on very often and we all imagine it to be a simple, elegant space with beautiful tiles on the walls and floor. But it’s not always like that. When you have to design and decorate your bathroom, you have to know how to use all the tiles. Pentatonic tiles are a very interesting concept. It’s so strange and even more difficult to visualize it. However, before you get too pragmatic, you should have a look at the examples we’ll have.

The Terrace in Paris is the perfect inspiration for those who want to create a unique décor for their bathroom. The tile has small squares representing birds and this gives the room a delicate feel. The wood gives it a warm and cozy look while the glass mosaic tiles create a very interesting focal point.

Italian Bathroom Tiles By Giuseppe Viganó Martínez Photo 2

The most beautiful thing about the Terrace in Paris is the nature-surrounding atmosphere. This is exactly how it should be. It’s what makes this space so interesting. And the best part is that there are several different colors and designs to choose from. Each one has a unique story. The bold choices let the bold details stand out and are the perfect choice for the bathroom.

The water fixtures are also very interesting. For example, take a look at those white ceramic pieces. They look so pure and fragile. The white ceramic is contrastless and can be admired in all the rooms of the house. The black accents are strong but also subtle and soothing in their own right. Those black accents are not exaggerated, in any other case. They just enhance the beauty of the lighting and can be found everywhere in the house.

The mural is also an important element. Through using of materials such as stone and different colors you create a nice canvas for everything else. The white walls create the peaceful atmosphere we all dream of as a child. The furniture, also in white, has a very lightweight and delicate elegance. The decorations stand out with their elegance and simplicity. These are important elements to consider when creating a particular design for a space.

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