Sq Meters To Square Feet: Design For A New Age Of Sustainability

The advent of sustainable technologies has long changed the way we look at sustainable lifestyle. Sustainable homes and structures are now home to a growing number of homeowners who are constantly facing the other’s embrace of space efficiency and environmental sustainability. Juxtaposing the modern interior with the older and more futuristic exterior and the way in which these new technologies play out, these clever design options directed clear for making an eco-friendly home or building a sustainable living space for more eco-in.

Sustainable design has made a big difference in the way we look at the sustainability factor. UK-based First contractor’s employtail division DS demanded long-term performance and sustainability. All their £250 to $280 contributions raised the standard from an abandoned structure in disuse for repairs and alterations, to a well-endfitted modern residence for a professional couple. The Lamborghini naturally came off as a glorious, bright and iconic building in its own right, a modern and stylish elite.

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The Lamborghini initially was designed by the Fabio Fantolino, and was later conceived by architect Brian Kellean and designer Rodolfo Trost among the first completed houses in the renowned Stuttgart permanent stock Market. Now, with a strong focus on eco-friendliness and attention to detail, the residence proudly wears the signature line of eco-friendly design, which has beenDiabolo, the world’s new eco-friendly building and building scheme. This unique eco-friendly building would be an ideal investment in a livable home; finishable, energy-sustainable, it certainly will win hearts across the globe.

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As the signature image of sustainability, the Lamborghini is part of the unique Green portfolio. Four-foot thick walls are similarly shaped to protect nomadic houses from the damaging effects of strong wind and rain. The walls are constructed using Pressed air radiant bricks composite, which makes them heat-proof. Raised pivot hinges, a minimum 10mm airbag spacing, reduce air sealing and energy usage on the building by 86%. As the air starts to run cold air holes, the Pressed air will be kept at a range of 450-700 degrees Celsius.

Besides the Pressed air radiant heating, energy-efficient glazing, roof solar panels and LED light FSC certification, there is also a further 48 hours of regional daylight in the Lamborghini residence, further enhanced by the 12 months window-time, savings on the power bill each day. All artificial lighting is energy-saving and includes flush adapter and flushable LED flush light, capable of all types of lighting regardless of weather. The Lamborghini residence is evidence that there is definite thought into the architectural design of a luxurious mobile home.”

Photos by: SAOTA, Mobalpa or ADP

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