Writing Desk Small Wall Cabinet With Sliding Doors

Are you having trouble keeping your desk clean and organized? This is the problem of many of us. We don’t necessarily have to do that as much as we can, sometimes the solutions are just not enough. The key is to purchase something practical, in this case a small wall-mounted writing desk.

This is a very practical piece of furniture. It features practical storage space drawer, an open shelf and two adjustable shelves and close compartments.The desk drawer features black Finish spray lacquer sheathing and it can be either white or red. This beautiful piece can be sued to store books or decorations. It’s very useful and functional and it also provides ample storage space.You can use the seven feet by seven feet and you can use the three shelves from the main space to contain other items such as your paper mache or pencil cups. This piece is available at the price of $400. It would make a great addition to any office, even in a cubical reception hall, because of its practical beauty and high-tech look.

Writing Desk Small Wall Cabinet With Sliding Doors Photo 2

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