Wall Units For Living Room And Bathroom

Nowadays there aren’t many bathroom wall units, but I guess it is great to have such variety of different wall units in your house, too. This way you can easily pick one that fits the décor of the room and proves to be more than just a functional unit.

Today I want to show you some beautiful wall units made for bathroom, as I have a severe white corner that is actually the bathroom corner.

Wall Units For Living Room And Bathroom Photo 2

Now you can use those wall units to hang your towels in the bathroom or other accessories that can be placed in the bathroom. These bathroom accessories are made from real jars that are delivered to you and that you can choose to hang there without a problem. Usually they are painted a nice nice tone of turquoise, so that they cannot affect the colour of the walls. But if you fear that the effect is not intended and it is boring, beware! Now all you need to do is to visit the Swedish web site Ebernedesch Ent wartime, where the leader of the trend is Johanna Vasilakina.

Wall Units For Living Room And Bathroom Photo 3

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