Extra Deep Tub Faucets

If you’re in the mood for some new bath products and/or recomposing old items, the Kube is what you’re looking for. This faucet marvel is located at the top of the line, design capable of heating up any bathtub, so not only will you be getting great value for the money, but the design and construction is impeccable, conical and maneuverable.

There are two jets on this faucet; one runs on the cold spout of the hot end, while the warm spray runs on the couetto arm. And yes, it’s still not an ordinary lever, with an obvious circular movement made as if glorifying bathtub heating. The tub faucet is available in chrome, and nickel finish, warm and cold spouts. How cool does this look? For those of us who love vintage design, this is the kind of cool bathroom faucet that we would want in our own bathroom.

Extra Deep Tub Faucets Photo 2

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