Modern Bedroom Interior Design Ideas By Bluelounge

Usually, people try to express the diversity of culture by using diverse symbols. In this case, bluelounge shows us a bedroom where the heady bed looks like a huge shell placed on top of a bunch of wood bits that make it float down. It’s an innovative idea and it shows the simplicity of this room’s décor. As you can see, there are no rough surfaces used for the floor and the ceiling, just straight lines, nice curves and angles.

However, the rug you see underneath the bed is made of plywood. It’s a thin wood, very common in Nordic cultures and rustic homes. It was made of plywood and it kept the rest of the wood that was repurposed. The black line underneath the bed that is the headboard and its print are combined with small white vertical stripes that match the headboard so that’s up to you. On the wall, you can notice many colorful pillows, some also belonging to the bedroom. They remind the owner of his Swedish origins.

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The pillows are very soft and cozy. They have a shape that might suggest the use of pastel fabrics but they are actually inspired by the comfort found in a Swedish bedroom. There are several elements that are specific to this type of décor. One example would be that the pillows feature pastel colors. They also often feature floral patterns that usually feature soft tones and have been combined obtaining a variety of combinations.

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Another very characteristic is that the bed is often white. This way it creates a clean and airy atmosphere.The pillows are only purple but the same them another one because of the combination of white and purple.These exact effects are obtained through the use of pastel fabrics. The pillows are usually covered with a loose cover but they can also be filled with silk or satin material. This creates a classy atmosphere through assures a soft and comfortable décor. Usually, the bedroom is the best place for these pillows. However, you have to keep in mind that a simple bedroom will always look beautiful and chic.{picture sources:1,2,3,4 and 5}.

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