Stone Building Materials And Building Materials Used In Construction

The extensive properties, soaring spaces and natural landscaping are a trademark of the Big Apple and they are often considered the qualities considered by some to be the most representative of a modern design trend. For a period the iconic buildings from this region were erected and many buildings from this specific period are remained standing due to their architectural and landscaping design ethos. But architecture doesn’t have to remain abstract or realistic. No matter what style you choose, there are high standards of construction and the Gardener Street Farmhouse is a shining example of this type of landscaping. Completed by three Irish firms – Gardener Street East, Gardener Street West and Gardener Street Central – this interesting home is a stunning example underone the fact that it is a trend and that it is an example of timeless design.This Gardener Street house was built in the leafy town of Dunneyer Woodlands and has a strong presence even on the edges of the development. Its simple palette of mostly neutral interiors features the classic arched windows, the chic marble-topped tables and the contemporary style floats floating on that fine line between architecture and landscape. The house is covered mostly by an ecologically – sustainable, site-sensitive facade perfectly matched to the innovative design.

A lovely balance between building blocks that follow the traditional shape of the house (a square pitched roof, brick-lined walls, concrete ceilings) and the use of natural materials like wood and stone makes for a charming and interesting interior design.

The entrance is unique with multiple stone walls and built greenery around it. The slate used on the walls, the ornate fountains, the English bull hogging car… they all tie into the abstract design that this contemporary building takes centre stage in. But it is this harmonious balance of styles that which gives birth to the distinctive and fabulous Gardener Street.

Cleverly positioned openings and smart use of colours, materials and furnishings help to create a distinctive atmosphere. The house is an arrangement of elements that embrace modernity on a contemporary, sophisticated and clean podium.”

Photos courtesy of The Gardener Street

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