Stradă • Gang • Curte

Street • Alleyway • Courtyard

Authors: Eduard Militaru, Călin Burghiu

The intervention for the proposal's local integration was tightly linked to neighboring buildings and with the local character of the inner courtyards. We aimed to preserve the community's active circuits and the local almost forgotten crafts as we believe that the artistic creativity, as a social tool, becomes an impressive intellectual resource. We proposed this introverted cube, that looks at the city towards itself, towards its encapsulated subject, towards its inner movement and bustle. The space is deconstructed in courtyards, narrow alleyways, cofeeshop, exhibition galleries and workshops, which are then gathered by the dynamics that are developed in this building and connected by the cultural experiences shared here.

🌿 architecture student • illustrator • musician • film maker • visual story teller 🌿