Kitchen Cabinet Photos From The Iguazu By ID8

People have always loved photography, the way it offers new shapes and expressions, allowing them to enter areas where nature is lost. Iguazu was designed by US-based ID8 and is an award-winning designer. The combination of human and nature has always provided a healthy and comfortable home. The Iguazu house is located in Zapopan, Jalisco, […]

Bathtub Shower Kit From KWC

I have never imagined bathtubs can have as much function and function as a bathtub. Well, I have, but I don’t want to have two sinks, for practical reasons. Bathtubs are more useful when you want to get a quick and clean steam bath and soap bubble in less time. People can enjoy such a […]

Electronic Faucets From Leicht

Chic, discreet, stylish and flexible, the LE200 from Leicht is one of the most flexible and adaptable electronic faucets to sit in your kitchen. Just picture this: a drip control, temperature settings, a button location, and very safe and simple in the same time. This electronic faucet needs almost no installation. All you need to […]

Compact Tv Stands And Tables For Tiny Homes

Compact tv stands or tables are wonderful space-savers that allow you to get away from all the clutter and all the electronic devices for a relaxed staycation. There are numerous designs and designs for these particular pieces. You can easily find them all on TV. Take a look at these wonderful compact stands and decide […]

Sheet Metal House In Sierras, Greece

This small summer house is located in Sierras, Greece and was designed by Nils Finestudio. The exterior is made of stretched-up aluminum and the interior is built upon a piloped-ropaditium structure. The architects designed the tiny house with an area of 16 square meters and they made it a light, but not claustrophobic environment. The […]

Animal Lights By Atelier Oslo

When you have kids it’s easy to create delicate and artistic decors. When you don’t have a big family to worry about you work more hours focused on encouraging them to do their own thing. So it’s a great opportunity to work with animals. Kids are crazy about animals and love trains, so you could […]

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