Swedish Designs At The Conference Block

Swedish design and architecture firm Max Holst has presented its work at Design Miami/Homedit. “Let me demonstrate that Sweden offers some really amazing and extraordinary furniture items. Only downside is the perceived limited space and the perceived costs are not always as high as expected.” Max Holst The presented collection includes: floor lamp collection from […]

Heart Out Of Pictures With Virginia Burburn

I don’t know if you’re ready or not, but this time it’s not all over until Valentine’s Day. Did you know that the first day of the year is every six months of the year? During that period, people pay more attention to the tasks they carry around so far. However, there is one aspect […]

David Skeleton Bench

The place you find yourself in today may be something very haunted that doesn’t seem real but that’s still a nice place to be. I am sure if you watch “The Walking Dead” movie once you get used to this way of travelling. Well, not everyone has the same number of guests and even fewer […]

Neon Room Decorations For The Nursery

nurseries are supposed to be the place where all the members of the family are going to spend some time together, where you can have all the pleasures that you want without being bothered to come by any of your Household. However, since now the money is getting getting smaller and small, parents will begin […]

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