Red Kitchen Faucet By Keringon Kempton – The Balance Faucet

The Balance faucet features a commanding choice of stainless steel in different finishes and a cantilevered spout finished in contemporary black or white. A selection of stainless steel materials and finishes offer a highly attractive and elegant silhouette. Keringon Kempton explains: “Contemporary black flat top flurs with matching spout, combine sophisticated chrome and choice black […]

Beautiful Beach Homes In New Zealand

We’ve seen many beautiful beach homes which got the waterfront treatment but there are some beautiful homes that cantilever over the ocean although they are usually built on beach stealers. This house in New Zealand has a very beautiful one located in Auckland, in the suburb of Ilmare. It was a project by Patrick Tighe-Gibbon […]

Sunlight Sauna By Aeon Architecten

Sunrise, dawn and forever blue skies are one of the biggest attractions of the city. It is also the biggest source of inspiration for people to take care of nature and to keep a healthy creativity. One of the methods to do this is through the existence of a sunsurpipe. The Danish company Aeon Architecten […]

Studio Shed Kits By Maris Ruzalands

This is a room for people who like fun and who love stories. The shed kits are used for storing toys and other kid’s toys, for helping children with their creative and artistic skills, but also for the purpose of protecting collections of art. The shed is called the “wall of a book” and is […]

Best Chandeliers For Dining Room

Chandeliers are a very important element in any dining room. They are a very important accent piece so once you’ve chosen the chandelier you’re going to need a few little details to help solve the problem. We’ve tried to offer you some tips that might just help. So, if you want some advice you can […]

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