Toronto Stairs Transformed Into A Gallery

The owner of this loft apartment from Toronto, Canada really liked the old building that it kept and wanted to transform it into a large home with a contemporary design. The transformation was done by Sanosky Design and the strategy was to completely redesign the building. In order to achieve that, the designers had to […]

Luxury Penthouse Apartment In New York Springs

This luxury penthouse apartment is located in New York City, USA and it’s one of those properties that you can’t live in just yet. We just found an example for you here, a penthouse located in New York’s West Village. This two and a half-floor apartment has an amazing master suite with an outdoor pool, […]

Mid Century Modern Fireplace Screen

The fireplace is often the feature that gives personality to the house. It’s a permanent feature that can exist between each room of the house and it adapts to the owner’s preferences and personal preferences. Most often the fireplace screen is used as a decorative element but it can also be a useful structure when […]

Italian Villa Interior Design In Sweden

Found on Yatzer, this amazing villa is located in Gothenburg, Sweden, and covers a total ground area of 330 square meters. It is in fact a combination of penthouses, private apartments, and studio’s, all enjoying the natural light and spaciousness of the great outdoors, either from the ceiling or first through the windows. Since the […]

Cottage House Interior Renovation

This cozy 3-room flat was remodeled by Taking Over The Space with the help of 3 designer bloggers and angel fairy. The idea behind this project was to create a space where three generations could come together and have fun together. The flat was small and quite large, quite narrow but also spacious. Shutting off […]

Mirror For Bathroom Wall With A Mirror By Eleonora

It’s a new interpretation of the old mirror. Nowadays the mirror is much more than just a hardware that supports a vanity. It’s also a modern decoration and an eye-catching accessory no matter how modern and traditional it maybe located. Another interesting thing about mirror is that it’s available in lots and lots of different […]

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