Prefab Shed Homes

Usually people choose to live in houses and not in cars or any other transportable building for that matter. However, this is not the case for people who actually live in cars or trucks and rather who can afford a real garage. It’s about time something more resistant to the elements. For example here a […]

Circular Homes For Unusual Lovers

The circular house is the smallest and most common of all modern homes. It consists of two undulating and rectangular sections that are linked together by an axis. The homes are designed by architect Jonathan Olivares who in collaboration with the owners created some of the original works as well as the appliances and fixtures. […]

Modern Architecture Examples From Tadao Ando

Modern architecture is a category that has reached a whole new level. The houses are appreciated for their simplicity, functionality and many of their design concepts and architecture is a combination of practicality and aesthetics. A house can look modern if it has a simple architecture and the best part is that the simple design […]

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