Contemporary Wainscoting In Manchester

Wainscoting is fun, everyone can get in on the “swinginess of it”, even the tired cave-like structures they create inside the house. However, very few manage to translate this fun feeling into real life. Unless of course, everyone is capable of incorporating it into their home, a lot like this Residence In Skye Park by […]

Prefab Dome House In Prague

The dome house is located in Prague, Czech Republic, in an igloo mechanism, at the top of a mountain. The project was completed in collaboration with Made in Chicago. The dome house allowed designers to create a barn-like environment, where the atmosphere is reminiscent of a barn-house or of the New York loft we see […]

Red Swimming Pool Of A Luxury Resort In Singapore

Singapore, also known as Singapore’s tropical paradise, is often a country originally built to serve the rich and famous. Lately, though, money has gotten to be the problem of this particularly place. Instead of keeping the building around useless, those who really wanted to build something more were convince to build something stylish and special. […]

Exterior Colors For Small Houses In Austria

Austria has lots of beautiful vacation houses. They all have that charming exterior that lets them blend and become part of the place. These small vacation houses are perfect to be your guests and for everyday living. Many of them are beautiful and have mesmerizing exterior designs. They are have a serene background color and […]

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