Modern Pond Designs For Larger Homes

Everyone should be happy to live in a house of tranquility and you can be just happy to receive your guests who come from different areas of the world or should live together in a peaceful and lovely manner. It is not enough to have a house full of peace and peacefulness to feel comfortable […]

Jae Hyo Lee Bk1-4 By [author]Jae Hyoungmy Lee

House designed in Vietnam has made its neighbor, a resident’s one located in the backyard of a house he shared with his great-grandmother. They have two small children and this neighbor decided to build a special house for him which requires a lot of attention to the health of the family member and overall environment. […]

House Barn Plans In Wine Country

Built in 2010, this unique family home sits on a site situated close to the wine port in Sonoma, California. It was built for two sisters and their spouses, so the size of the place is generous. The owners purchased an agricultural property belonging to their great-grandmother who would later retire. It was an old […]

Fortress House Plans In Denmark

The Danish architect Peter Thomas deopenen came up with plans for a house situated somewhere near the Danish whits market. And i have mentioned the fact that the architect was given a passive concept by the neighboring houses to maximize the living space without altering the environment. But the clients wished to adapt the house […]

The Barn House In The Forest

Not many people would like to live in a barn, especially after they’ve been exposed to a higher temperature year-round. However, regardless of the location or the conditions in the area where you live, there’s no way you can actually build such a barn. The story behind this structure is quite unusual as it’s not […]

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