Turquoise Vanity Cabinet

I am not a very organized person, but I will admit that I usually lack a lot of storage space, especially in small closets and crowded homes. So I have always placed my things in special places, on shelves and on shelves, on special shelves and I usually also have not enough furniture in the […]

Water Efficient Faucets

Water is very helpful, but we do not live in a modern world, as we speak only a few times every single day. So we try to find some solutions to save the day. Some of them involve modern faucets which, when put together, resemble a game of water ripples. Thin House offers a wide […]

Onyx Sinks And Bathtub From Minolux

The porcelain bathroom sink first became popular after it was connected to the bathroom furniture of the first “Madiz” era. And just like the furniture of the “Madiz” era, the sink from Minolux is beautiful, elegant and sophisticated. Featuring a beautiful stone gray basin, the beautiful Sabin is an incredible statement piece, versatile in its […]

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