Faucet Colors For Modern Bathrooms

Each bathroom needs a few accessories and accessories. They have to be included in the décor and, if they don’t fulfill your expectations, they have to be bought separately. It’s difficult to find the combinations you like best when shopping for bathroom accessories but there are some very beautiful options. We gathered here 20 such […]

Purple Bathroom Decor Ideas From Delpha

This year, colours and positive vibes come together in the house to create a decor that is as appealing as is individual bathroom. There are many ways of decorating that you can create your personal space, so be innovative with your choices. This year we’ll be returning to the fresh colours of nature to reveal […]

Tile Patterns For Showers And Bathrooms

Marble tiles have been used for centuries in many homes and bathrooms. They are beautiful accessories, appreciated for their ability to give beauty to the interior of a place, both simple and elegant. The antiquity of these tiles is very indicated in the way that they can be used and also in the way that […]

Kohler Bath Tub, Leclaire

It’s finally here and I couldn’t care less about this time of the year, something to brighten up my house and make me feel better about my work. I just purchased one of the most appealing and relaxing bath tubs I have ever seen and I must confess that it looks amazing. But trust me, […]

Bathroom Sink Consoles From Tumide

Bathroom sinks are usually made from a variety of materials that can be either made of stone or wood. The most common one is granite and it’s usually used for accessories like towel rails, hisha convenience or bath racks. However, this is not the only option. Tumide offers you the opportunity to choose a marble […]

Modern Bathroom Floor Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom floor tiles come in an amazing variety of designs. The Tetsillux collection features a very interesting and modern collection. Inspired by nature and artificial inspiration, the Tetsillux tiles come in a variety of shapes and colors and are just as beautiful and interesting as the traditional tiles.This collection is a combination of natural and […]

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