Luxury Sinks From Blanc-colored Custom-made Furniture

VIET, the Italian-made VIET bath, is an exquisite luxury bathroom designed by P&T salts. It features a combination of natural materials such as marble, Corian, and its material palette includes white or light-colored wood, sink vanities, and Corian. The high-end material palette is inspired by the production number and features soft and elegant edges with […]

Old Tubs – A Modern Alternative For The Bedroom

Bathroom is one of those spaces that seems to be missing any delicate and specific pieces of furniture. However, in order to be able to create a suggestive décor for your bedroom that doesn’t require those pieces of furniture, you’ll have to rely more on items like the bathtub or the washbasin. Here are a […]

Modular Bathroom Cabinets And Sinks From Caddy

Sometimes, when pieces just come together, there’s also a harmonious design. It’s the case for this stylish and quite beautiful bathroom cabinets and sink collection from Caddy. The pieces fit perfectly together and form an eclectic design that will preserve your style but also add functionality. The beauty in these pieces is that their designs […]

Retro Sink Designs From Delightfull

If you’re looking for a new sink for your kitchen, consider Delightfull’s products. They are specialized in appliances for bathrooms and kitchens, all in rock salt. They offer a wide range of products, fully fumed and carved glass washing stations, a high-end retro range with a ceramic stone sink basin, a ceramic boiling board and […]

Shower Design Pictures Courtesy Of Made In Katristin

Shower designs today is that time when people spend more time in front of their bathroom, when they need a new shower they should get an makeover. However, that doesn’t mean we should ignore styles and colors all the time. There are some simple, cheap, and most inexpensive shower makeover ideas, so we’re going to […]

Sonic Showers – Shower Head Features

The shower head is mostly used for technical purposes but this doesn’t mean it can’t be turned on. There are many different types of showers. They differ in terms of design because of their functionality but they also all look equally beautiful. Thesonic shower head is one of the most ingenious and stylish ones we’ve […]

Outdoor Mini Baroque Bathtub

Be it luxury or rustic, comfortable or elegant, a modern or old-fashioned Japanese tub is a great element to take a look at. The KWC Tokon mirrors bring beauty and elegance to any home and invite the user into a space that is meant to be used for minimalism and where the beauties of nature […]

Bathroom Designs Tiles Pictures

Tiles are used for the bathroom and for the shower, especially for the washtub. Some tiles are very sophisticated, some are not very sophisticated, but they are very colored and nice simple things. For example the bathtub is smaller and some models can be used only for the water and for the rest of the […]

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