Cool Bathrooms Designs From Cerasa

A lot of people wouldn’t say no to a beautiful bathroom. With a few careful planning and attention to details, even the smallest of bathrooms can look stunning. The possibilities are very generous. For example, living in an apartment or even an open space can be a lot of fun. You get to have access […]

Modern Small Bathroom Vanities

Just the thought of reorganizing the space or moving in a new room may feel like a uninspired and unsupervised experience. However, a minimal and structured way of taking care of the many problems created can prove to be very useful in the small bathroom space. Get rid of the crowded and cramped kitchen of […]

Rustic Shower Head

Shower curtains are very practical and they provide us with privacy, for one reason or another, regardless of the environment and the design they create. They provide us with privacy but, even then, they can’t really be used as shower curtains. The most common textile, however, is the shower curtain mat. It’s this very material […]

Countryside Glass And Mirror Bowls

A bathroom is pretty small so the standard designs are almost never enough. If at all possible we should think more innovative. However, the more space you have the bigger the bathroom tends to be. This is usually the case with all the rooms in the house, even the bathroom. It’s the only space that […]

Metallic Tiles Bathroom Wall Coverings

The first thing that anyone would notice when seeing this set of washbasins is that the washbasin itself is metallic. It makes sense now that washbasins that have a metallic finish are usually metallic. This is a not very simple or common feature, but it’s the only material that is allowed in this territory. Now […]

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