Designer Toilet And Bidet

All toilet and bidets are now available in custom size and the same model in stainless steel is also available. However, the fold-down, design was developed which makes it easier to transport. This innovation makes it easier for you to store there toilet and bidet when needed. And it’s great for the bathroom because you […]

Vintage Shower Fixtures From Meeusen

MEEUSen has presented over 50 years of design details and fittings. It’s a Japanese-style furniture house with a long tradition in the style of the Japanese shoji craft. The various items that are part of this style can be admired in the online store on Bluarch. All the articles in this article are from Meeusen. […]

System Kitchen Faucet With An Electronic Display

Every detail is important but sometimes you don’t even realize it until the attention is revealed. For those of you who are really good at separating the kitchen from the living room, we have the perfect solution. This is the “Davideklam” system kitchen faucet. It was designed by Villeroy and SnaKEOP. It’s a modern faucet […]

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